Bacem Anas Romdhani, the virtuoso

Bacem Anas Romdhani, the virtuoso

In 2007, Bourguiba Jr decided to support the young, yet talented virtuoso, Bacem Anas Romdhani. He was just 12 years old at the time. Thanks to a fundraising and to generous donators, Bacem was able to attend the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School in London.

After Habib Bourguiba Jr’s passing in 2009, his daughter Meriem took over, and allowed Bacem Anas Romdhani to pursue his studies in the best conditions. In 2013, the Habib Bourguiba Foundation is created, thus organized a fundraising including the young virtuoso’s scholarship.

In 2014, he joined the Guildhall School of Music & Drama until 2018. A fundraising is organized in 2015 for the acquisition of a violin destined beforehand to Yehudi Menuhin, however Bacem Anas Romdhani its very first owner.

Bacem is 24 years old today; his talent and his will to succeed are limitless. He now studies at the Royal College of Music and he is more motivated than ever.

His remarkable journey is punctuated with several prestigious concerts and performances such as Nightingdale house, Menuhin Hall, Wigmore Hall in London, the Municipal Theatre in Tunis, the “Cité des Sciences”, and the Roman Amphitheatre of El Jem.

The Habib Bourguiba Foundation would like to thank anyone who helped Bacem Anas to pursue his dream and achieve it, particularly our partners and generous donators including: Habib Bourguiba Jr, Mongi Loukil, Taoufik Chaibi, Aziz Miled, Ferid Abbes, Ferid Ben Tanfous, The Rambourg Foundation, Amsha Trust, with special mention for Anouar Brahem.

We thank the many donators that we did not mention but have contributed to this success … that of excellence!

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