1903-2000 : 97 YEARS OF HISTORY!

August 3rd, 1903
Official birth of Habib Bourguiba
September 1909
Enrolled at the Sadiki primary school
June 1913
Habib Bourguiba obtains his primary school certificate
September 1913
Enrolled at the Sadiki College
November 1913
Death of Fatouma Khefacha, Habib Bourguiba’s mother
From 1919 to 1920
Ilness and rehabilitation at Le Kef
September 1921
Enrolled at Carnot High School in Tunis
June 1924
Bachelor degree
September 1924
Departure for France, law studies and Political Sciences at the University of Paris
Habib Bourguiba meets Mathilde Lorrain
April 9, 1927
Birth of Habib Bourguiba Jr
Trainee lawyer with Me Cirier, Me Pietra, Me Scemmama, Me Salah Farhat, Me Sebault.
Bourguiba joins the Destourian Party
November 1st, 1932
Conception of the newspaper “L’action Tunisienne”
March 2nd, 1934
Ksar Hellal Congress. Split with the “Vieux Destour” and birth of the Neo-Destour.
September 3rd, 1934
Bourguiba’s first arrest. Deportation to Bordj le Boeuf until April 1936.
April 9, 1938
Bloody riots
April 10, 1938
Second arrest following the riots.
May 26, 1940
Bourguiba and his companions are transferred to Fort Saint-Nicolas in Marseille.
November 18, 1942
Bourguiba is transferred to Fort Montluc in Lyon, then to Fort de Vancia
December 1st, 1942
Release of Bourguiba and his companions by the Germans and transfer to Nice, then to Rome
Victory of the Allies at the battle of Africa
March 1945
Bourguiba flees for Cairo clandestinely
May 8, 1945
End of World War II
First trip to the US to raise awareness to the Tunisian cause
Return to Tunis and travel across the country in an attempt to galvanize the people and make them take part in the struggle for liberation
Second trips de Europe and the US
January 13, 1952
Speech in Bizerte
January 18, 1952
Trigger of the armed struggle against the occupation. Arrest and transfer to Tabarka
March 26, 1952
Bourguiba is transferred to Remada
May 21, 1952
Bourguiba is transferred to Galite Island
December 5, 1952
Assassination of Farhat Hached by “La Main Rouge” militia
May 22, 1954
Bourguiba is transferred to Groix Island
June 18, 1954
Pierre Mendes France accession to power
July 21, 1954
Bourguiba is transferred to Château de la Ferté in Amilly, then under house arrest in Paris
July 31, 1954
Speech in Carthage. Proclamation of the Tunisian internal autonomy
June 1st, 1955
Bourguiba’s triumphant return to Tunisia
June 3rd, 1955
Ratification of the conventions granting the Tunisian internal autonomy
November 15, 1955
Fifth Congress Party in Sfax (Resurrection Congress)
March 3rd, 1956
Morocco’s independence
March 20, 1956
Tunisia’s independence
March 25, 1956
Election of a constituent assembly
April 11, 1956
Bourguiba is appointed Prime Minister by the Bey, thus replacing Tahar Ben Ammar
August 13, 1956
Promulgation of the Personal Status Code which sets the foundations for women’s emancipation
August & September 1956
Justice reform
July 25, 1957
Proclamation of the Republic
February 8, 1958
Sakiet Sidi Youssef bombing
November 8, 1959
Bourguiba’s election as first President of the Republic
February 27, 1961
Bourguiba – De Gaulle meeting in Rambouillet
July 19, 1961
Bizerte battle
April 12, 1962
Marriage with Wassila Ben Ammar
July 5th, 1962
Algeria’s independence
December 20, 1962
Discovery of a plot aiming to assassinate Bourguiba and overthrow his regime
October 15, 1963
Evacuation of the last French soldiers based in Bizerte, from the Tunisian soil
May 12, 1964
Nationalization of colonial lands
October 19, 1964
Seventh congress party in Bizerte (Destiny Congress)
March 3rd, 1965
Speech in Jericho
June 19, 1965
Boumedienne as Algeria’s Head of State
March 14, 1967
Bourguiba’s heart attack
June 5th, 1967
Third Arab-Israeli war
September 1st, 1969
Gaddafi in power in Libya
September 28, 1970
Nasser's passing
November 6, 1970
Hedi Nouira Prime Minister
October 11, 1971
Eighth Congress Party in Monastir
May 12, 1973
Le Kef: Tunisian-Algerian union attempt
December 1973
Bourguiba in Algiers, Europe and Africa
January 12, 1974
Tunisian-Libyan union aborted in Djerba
September 12, 1974
Ninth Congress Party in Monastir (Clarity Congress)
March 18, 1975
Habib Bourguiba President of the Republic for life
September 5, 1978
Tenth Congress Party in Tunis (Fidelity Congress)
January 27, 1980
Gafsa events
April 24, 1980
Mohamed Mzali Prime Minister
August 28, 1982
Welcoming Palestinians from Lebanon
January 26, 1984
Bread riots
October 1st, 1985
Palestinians bombing at Hammam Chott
August 11, 1986
Divorce of Habib Bourguiba and Wassila Ben Ammar
November 7, 1987
Bourguiba is removed from his position as President of the Republic
From 1987 to 2000
Bourguiba is under house arrest until his death
April 6, 2000
Death of the Supreme Combatant
April 8, 2000
Habib Bourguiba’s funeral in Monastir
Launch of the website bourguiba.com by his beneficiaries during Ben Ali’s regime
May 18, 2013
Creation of the Habib Bourguiba Foundation