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Encourages and rewards excellence in all fields: Scientific, cultural, artistic, humanitarian …

Preserving the collective memory

Gathering photos, speeches, videos and documents to ensure digital processing and to guarantee its dissemination. Reclaiming personal properties seized under Ben Ali’s regime.

Granting scholarships

Rewarding the most deserving students by granting them scholarships. However, the main condition to benefit from it is to excel, regardless of the field.

Supporting projects of excellence

Participate and support symposiums, seminars, literary works, artistic performances, social actions or any project of excellence, which are on line with the Bourguibian values.


Bourguiba left an indelible mark on the 20th century, and holds a prominent place in the pantheon of great men

The foundation is created in 2013 by his descendant and sought to be faithful to his principles and to carry on his legacy. The main goal of the Foundation is to encourage and reward excellence in all areas: Scientific, cultural, artistic, humanitarian …


The Foundation will support symposia or seminars whose topic is the Bourguibian Thought, The National Movement’s History, or any other theme that contributes to the development of knowledge, culture and science.


Follow the activities of the foundation as well as
the events that made the headlines in Tunisia


“It does not matter if the path leading to the goal is straightforward or tortuous. The battle leader must ensure the best path to the goal. Sometimes, the struggle imposes contours and detours.”


Habib Bourguiba, March 3rd, 1965 – Jericho