Faithful to the values of excellence and merit, the foundation encourages and supports the brightest in their field.


Since its creation, the Habib Bourguiba Foundation has been working towards enabling the most deserving to realize their projects and excel. In addition to the duty of remembrance through archiving and the recovery of seized property, the Foundation is involved in the development and enhancement of the Tunisian ability.

The projects of excellence supported by the Foundation so far:


Research, colloquiums and seminars

Cultural and artistic works

social and humanistic projects

… And any project in accordance with the bourguibian values.

Habib Bourguiba Foundation spheres of action


The Foundation has granted scholarships to bright students to enable them to pursue their higher education. Some of our godchildren are currently studying music and nanotechnology. The foundation aims to identify and encourage any initiative that improves education, in addition to young people’s access to knowledge and the acquisition of new skills.


The Foundation will support research studies as well as seminars which topic is the Bourguibian thought, National Movement history, or any other theme that contributes to the development of knowledge, culture and science. The topics covered are diverse, but ought to be directly related to Habib Bourguiba’s historical and political background in order to be qualified for the Foundation’s scholarships.


The Foundation firmly believes in the importance of the arts in the society, which is why it encourages artists to create artistic projects in various fields, through sponsorship: painting, sculpture, drawing, theatre, music, cinema, dance… Among the artistic works sponsored by the Foundation, there is a documentary film about the Great Leader, Habib Bourguiba, as well as classical music concerts.


The excellence of a project is evaluated by its positive impact on society. The projects supported by the Foundation are those that enable women from rural areas, to have access to education, employment, culture and sports. The Foundation is associated to any societal and humanitarian initiative allowing Tunisian citizens (Women, men, children, elders) to thrive in their country.


The literary works that reminds us of Habib Bourguiba’s political career are not lacking, they are pletoric. A “man of letters”, he distinguished himself by his oratory skills and storytelling as much in his speeches as in his writings. Thus, the Foundation encourages writers wishing to write a book about Habib Bourguiba in order to perpetuate his heritage for generations to come.


In order to honour its duty of remembrance, the Foundation is working towards collecting photos, speeches, videos, and documents related to Habib Bourguiba’s work, to ensure digital processing and its dissemination. The Foundation’s mission is to recover the personal properties seized under Ben Ali’s regime, and expose them in a museum.


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You are initiating an exceptional project that might have an impact on society, an artistic / research project, a literary work that might contribute to the development of knowledge, culture and science.