1st projection of the documentary “Bourguiba, le retour”

1st projection of the documentary “Bourguiba, le retour”

Premiere of the documentary directed by Hichem Ben Ammar, 5/5 productions, sponsored by the Habib Bourguiba Foundation & Sodexo.


“Bourguiba’s return from exile on June 1st, 1955, was marked by an overwhelming popular welcome. His horse race between the Port of La Goulette and Tunis was a memorable event. The equestrian statue made in 1978 immortalized this triumphant image.”

“29 years later, in June 2016, the equestrian statue is moved once more back to its original location in the center of Tunis. At the same time, other statues of the Supreme Combatant are re-installed in Sousse, Monastir and la Goulette, according to program of rehabilitation of the Bourguibism.”

“Observing the restoration stages of sculptor Hachemi Marzouk’s masterpiece, the films captures through various speeches, the meaning of this return to the Tunisian people.”

A film by Hichem Ben Ammar

Tunisia 2017, medium length documentary, 50 minutes.

Prod: 5/5 Productions