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President Kennedy's remarks of welcome to President Bourguiba.

At the Washington National Airport, May 3 1961

Toasts of the president JF Kennedy and President Bourguiba

May 3, 1961

Exchange of remarks in the Rose Garden with President Bourguiba of Tunisia.

May 5, 1961

Joint statement following discussions with President Bourguiba

May 5, 1961

Jericho speech

Speech of the president Habib Bourguiba of 3 March 1965 at Jericho

President Reagan with President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia

Remarks Following President Reagan’s Discussions with President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia - June 18, 1985

Bourguiba, Habib ben Ali (1903-2000),
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JFK: Like President Washington, President Bourguiba is a revolutionary...
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