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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

"Like President Washington, President Bourguiba is a revolutionary, and like President Washington he also, when the revolution was won, had the sense of judgment, self-discipline and strength to attempt to bring good will and peace among his people and to the people of the former occupiers of his country and his surrounding neighbours."
(May 1961)

Richard Nixon

"Bourguiba is one of the real survivors in the area. He has been in power as long as anybody can remember. Very charismatic, very outspoken, very warm and friendly. When I visited him last, in 1982, he threw his arms around me he was so glad to see me, because I had seen him also in 1957. He is very courageous in terms of Arab-Israel relations. He is one of the first of the Arab leaders who began to make moves toward a more moderate stance toward Israel and he has done that, even though in his country, in Tunis, they have a problem as far as the radical right is concerned. Bourguiba in Tunis has the radical right and they are his danger. His danger is not on the left."
(May 1983)

Ronald Reagan

"President Bourguiba, one of the great liberators of modern day Africa, he is a statesman whose influence extends far beyond the boundaries of his own country, a man of dignity and honour."
(June 1985)

Bill Clinton

" President Bourguiba was a historic leader, a pioneer in Tunisia's struggle for independence and for social and economic progress. He also played a courageous role in efforts to advance peace in the Middle East. He leaves behind a nation that can be proud of its social achievements, particularly the steps it has taken to advance the status of women, and a nation poised to take on the critical challenges of deepening democracy and respect for human rights -- and building a better future for all Tunisians. "
(April 2000)

Bourguiba, Habib ben Ali (1903-2000),
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