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Here is a sample of comments and suggestions received from our visitors these recent weeks:

"Bravo. Thank you for all the work you are doing. We will spend the word ...and the website. I will keep in touch, with comments and suggestions Salam. "
"Hello, This is just a short message of appreciation to the people behind this site, to the family of Bourguiba. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this site, its an assurance that the legacy of the greatest Tunisian man, and the best Arab leader to have existed will not fade away. Thank you ."
" Congratulations for this site and my best regards to those who had the idea of creating it. Late president Bourguiba was a great man and a great leader, he actually deserves all our respect, reverence and gratitude. He did a lot for Tunisia and Tunisian women. May God bless his soul. Please, if possible, could you make all the speeches he pronounced available on this site in an English version. I'm writing an MA dissertation about president Bourguiba and I did a lot to get the English version of his 1960s speeches but in vain. I would be very grateful if you could do me this favour. Once again congratulations!"
"Congratulations for the site! I would appreciate if you could make an Arab version simply to focus on the language spoken by "Al Maghfour Lahou" Bourguiba. All my best wishes to this web site."
"Congratulations for the site. It was about time. If you dig, you will find more articles to share with the public. I saw a picture of my mother when she was 15 years old in the photo album. What a surprise! Keep up with the good work."
"First of all, I would like to say thank you for this important web site, this is indeed an opportunity for us to always remember the legacy of president Habib Bourguiba. My love and admiration for president Bourguiba will never die; he is my hero, my idol, and a man that words will never describe my feelings towards him. I would like to contribute to this web site; I would like to get information on how to do it. I also would like to know if there is any possibility to get posters or paintings of president Bourguiba regardless of their price. Again thank you so much and Yahia Bourguiba every day! God may bless you Mr President."
"It is very comforting to see this web site. We are proud of the efforts of our father Habib Bourguiba and his legacy to the country did set us apart from any other Arab or African country. Bourguiba was enlightened, passionate, and caring for his people. His record of integrity gives us some nostalgia. The Tunisian state was respected over the world despite the little economic means the country had. I was deeply disappointed last year when the Tunisian TV did produce a series about the independence era and did not mention our beloved president. I hope this site will keep his memory alive. I finally wish Allah forgives Bourguiba his sins, forgives our sins also, and join him in the company of our prophet in Heaven. Wasslam"
"I feel extremely delighted by this highly praised achievement. We have been missing such a site and I am sure that it will progressively be one of the most consulted sites by Tunisian citizens. The attempts at making the remembrances of Bourguiba’s legacy erased will not succeed as such achievements as yours will continue. I will do my best to share your noble task. God bless you."
"Deep thanks for this web site. We have all admired "the Supreme Fighter" and we are still on the faith!"
"I do not know yet whether I can contribute anything to this website, but I have to say thank you. Thank you so much for this valuable tool that will allow present and future generations of our beloved country to be proud of their history and always remember the great men that took part in shaping it. Habib Bourguiba was definitely one of them. His memory shall help us regain confidence in our future, and I would like to believe that someone like him would eventually emerge from the midst of that small yet great nation. Thank you again"
"It is about time. Bravo! Congratulations! I will spread the word."
"This is awesome web site."
Bourguiba, Habib ben Ali (1903-2000),
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