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At the close of decolonization

Speech given by President Bourguiba at the National Assembly, on 2nd October 1964 - By Habib Bourguiba
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Building a new Tunisia

Comments on an address by Habib Bourguiba (North Africa series) - Habib Bourguiba
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The Search for peace in the Middle East

By Samuel Merlin (1970)

Destourian socialism and national unity

Speech given by President Habib Bourguiba at the Headquarters of the Coordination Committee for Tunis and Sub ... iat of State for Information and Orientation) - Habib Bourguiba
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Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia: The Tragedy of Longevity

Hardcover August 1, 1992 - Derek Hopwood
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Bourguiba, Habib ben Ali (1903-2000),
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